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Social Media Consulting

Social media engagement is about making your business human.


Social Media Acceleration Package

Social Media Acceleration Package

Learn how to take your social media presence to the next level with our Social Media Acceleration Package.

Social media mentoring

Social Media Mentoring Program

Work 1:1 with Debra Sinclair for 3-months to build your online presence, boost your engagement and increase results.

Social media strategy

Social Media Strategy Consulting

For established businesses that have an online presence and would like to work 1:1 with an experienced Social Media Strategist.


Annette McDonald, Easil

Annette McDonald on powerful visual content and social media engagement

Annette McDonald is a print, design, brand and advertising expert. She is an innovator who has changed the way the

Defining your ideal client

Defining your ideal client for social media success

Before you develop your social media strategy and post anything on online, it’s essential that you know who your ideal

Facebook for business

Facebook for business: News Feed updates that will impact your small business

Last week, Facebook announced major changes to the Facebook News Feed. These changes are significant and they will affect the way