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Social Media Consulting

We help service-based business owners create highly personalised and engaging experiences at the moments that have the greatest impact.


Social Media Magnetism - Online Social Media Training Program

Social Media Magnetism

This online training program will help you increase community engagement and build a solid foundation for your social media success.

Social media mentoring

Social Media Mentoring

Our Founder Debra Sinclair will help you build your online presence and accelerate your results in this 3-month mentoring program.

Social media strategy

Strategy Consulting

Developing a social media strategy is no longer an optional extra if you are serious about achieving social media success.



How to make the most of the 280-character limit on Twitter

This month, I’ve taken great interest in watching how people and brands have used the additional 140-characters on Twitter. Some

Social media: Why putting all your eggs in one basket is risky

Social media: Why putting all your eggs in one basket is risky

A recent post on Facebook by a business owner sparked my interest. They were talking about how they weren’t getting as

Social media conversations

20 tips for starting social media conversations the right way

Social media is all about people, connection, and relationships and as a business owner; one of the things you must