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Engagement is about making your business human – I will show you how!


Social Media Magnetism - Online Social Media Training Program

Social Media Magnetism

This online training program will help you increase community engagement and build a solid foundation for your social media success.

Social media mentoring

Social Media Mentoring

Work one-to-one with a highly experienced Social Media Strategist to accelerate your results. PLACES ARE LIMITED for this 3-month Program.

Social media strategy

Strategy Consulting

Would you like us to create a social media strategy for your business? Learn more about our consulting services here.


Social media: Why putting all your eggs in one basket is risky

Social media: Why putting all your eggs in one basket is risky

A recent post on Facebook by a business owner sparked my interest. They were talking about how they weren’t getting as

Social media conversations

20 tips for starting social media conversations the right way

Social media is all about people, connection, and relationships and as a business owner; one of the things you must

Social media community

Building a social media community isn’t easy

I’ve seen many people in the past week asking others on Facebook to like their business page so they can