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Social media consulting services

Liquid Mango Consulting is a Sydney-based social media consultancy that helps business owners create highly personalised and engaging experiences at the moments that have the greatest impact.



Social Media For Small Business | Online Training Program

Social Media For Small Business

A step-by-step guide to sparking creativity, content and conversations. 

Skype call with Debra Sinclair

Pick My Brain Consultation

Need expert social media advice without all the bells and whistles?

Social Media Mentoring and Strategy Consulting

Deep Dive Into Social Media

It’s intense, it’s hands-on and it’s a whole lot of fun.


Content marketing

How small business can leverage content marketing to attract customers

Content marketing is powerful for attracting customers to your small business. Did you know 60 percent of people are inspired

Annette McDonald, Easil

Annette McDonald on powerful visual content and social media engagement

Annette McDonald is a print, design, brand and advertising expert. She is an innovator who has changed the way the

Defining your ideal client

Defining your ideal client for social media success

Before you develop your social media strategy and post anything on online, it’s essential that you know who your ideal