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It’s important to create a solid foundation from which your online presence, social media community and business can grow and develop. Your values, vision and business goals must be integrated into your social media strategy for it to be effective and results driven.  Social media tactics are the things you implement to turn your strategy into a reality. Therefore all the tactics you choose must have a purpose and allow you to personally connect with your community, deepen relationships with your customers and help you achieve your social media, marketing, and business goals.

Often I speak to business owners who are solely focused on social media tactics rather than social media strategy. They want to introduce the next new thing simply because everyone else is doing it rather than focusing on creating a solid foundation for growth and success that’s centered intently on their community.

Every community is different and therefore every strategy is different, which is why randomly introducing social media tactics won’t work. Online communities are made up of individual people just like you and me; we all have different wants, needs and challenges. We all like to connect and engage in different ways, receive information differently and each one of us has a different path in life.

I strongly encourage you to trial and test different social media tactics for your business however if you don’t do the research and answer some important questions first, you’ll waste your time and your community’s too.

  • What opportunity does this present to my community and to my business?
  • Is this relevant to my community? Will they find it valuable?
  • Will this help me achieve my social media, marketing and business goals?
  • Will this increase social media engagement for my business?
  • Will it allow me to make deeper connections with my customers?
  • Can I use this myself, do I need training or will I need to outsource this to someone else? (An important question to ask as you may need to factor in additional costs)
  • Will I be able to consistently use it in my business to connect and engage with my community?

Take the time to invest in research and this includes social listening because every tactic you implement must support your community and help them get to where they want to go.

Introducing endless social media tactics without any real purpose will dilute your brand and have a significant impact on your levels of community engagement.

Have you introduced any new social media tactics recently to increase community engagement? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Debra Sinclair | Business | April 26, 2017 | Social Media Strategy, Social Media Tactics

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