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It’s important to have social media integrated into your business so it’s not operating on its own. It isn’t a fun thing to have, it’s an essential business tool that will allow you to deliver exceptional customer service, build deeper relationships and improve customer loyalty. Social media is a valuable business asset if used properly and these are some of the key benefits you’ll receive in your business if you align your social media strategy with your marketing strategy and your business goals. Even if you have all this in place, a social media manager must have the following 10 traits to effectively increase community engagement and deliver tangible results online. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solopreneur┬ámanaging your own social media or whether you’ve engaged a consultant, agency or have one of your employees managing it for you, anyone who is managing social media must have these ten traits if they want to succeed.

The 10 traits every social media manager must have

Business savvy

Being business savvy is a must if you want to create a social media strategy that drives business outcomes. If you’re managing your own social media that’s easy, however, if you’ve engaged an external social media consultant, agency, or have given the responsibility to a team member, that’s when you need to be prepared. The person managing your social media must know your business model, understand your values, vision and your short-term and long-term goals. They must be across your marketing strategy and any other key areas of your business as well. The more they know the better they’ll be able to represent you online. Social media isn’t just about posting content, whoever is managing your social media is your voice online which is why it’s important they get it right because if they don’t it can damage your brand and your reputation.


There’s no overnight success on social media, you must be in it for the long-term which is why you must be passionate about your community, have a clear vision and a purpose for using social media. Social media will present you with some incredible opportunities if you’re passionate about serving your community and building long-term relationships.


To succeed you must be supportive, care about your community and embrace empathy. Walk in the shoes of your customers and try to understand who they are, what they need and how you can be of service to them. It goes without saying you must be real, genuine and authentic because people will know straight away if you’re not and this can potentially damage your reputation. Show you care and be of service to your community every step of the way. Always be thinking about what you can create to support your community members, help them succeed and live a better life.


If you use social media randomly and expect results, well guess what, that won’t happen. It’s important to do the work and to make a commitment to work on your social media every day. It doesn’t have to consume all your time because there are systems and processes, tools and apps you can use to help manage this however you must be present every day if you want to truly connect, build engagement and make an impact.┬áMake a commitment to invest in your community and in your business.


Algorithms change, social networks change, the needs of your community will change, your industry will change and so to will your business which means you must be flexible with your social media strategy as well. Be willing to adopt new things and change the course of your activity if you need to. Providing exceptional value is the most important thing you can do on social media. Put your people first.


Being open, honest and transparent in your communication with your audience is essential if you want to build relationships that matter. Learn as much as you can, engage in two-way conversations and be open to new ideas. Trial and test as much as you can on social media, see what’s going to be the most effective for your community and your business.


Being prepared will save you time and help you navigate your way to more engagement on social media and it will also accelerate your results. You must be prepared and know why you’re using social media and have a purpose for every single thing you do. Spend time social listening, conduct research, develop a solid strategy and ensure you use the metrics and insights gained to deliver a better customer experience and to grow your business.


If you’re a social media manager you must be organised because you’ll be doing so much more than posting content. You’ll be listening, researching, planning, personally connecting, responding, monitoring, measuring and building relationships. Every day you must juggle a range of tasks to ensure you continue to build engagement, develop relationships and deliver an extraordinary service to your community.


To create content that will capture the attention of your reader you must be creative. It’s important to mix up the type of content you use so you stand out from the crowd and are seen online. Coming up with creative ideas, campaigns, different content types and new ways to engage with your audience will allow you to build deeper emotional connections with your community and it will ensure you’re seen and remembered online.


I’ll be honest, sometimes you won’t get the results you’re hoping for a piece of content might fall flat and you may not get the response or the level of engagement you thought you would. The important thing is to be persistent and not to throw in the towel. Trial and test different things and really get to know and understand your audience. Social media is an investment in your community and your business and it takes time. Sometimes things work well and other times they won’t, the key is to learn from every experience, trial and test what you’re doing and not to give up.

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Debra Sinclair | Business | June 29, 2017 | Community Building, Social Media Management

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