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Social listening is one of the most important things you do on social media because you’ll gain incredible data and insights from your community that you can then use in your business. The most important thing is to actually do something with what you learn so you can deliver a better customer experience.

Social listening isn’t reserved for the big brands; it’s essential for solopreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses. Listening to your customers, suppliers, your team and everyone who makes up your online community is essential if you want to create success because if you don’t listen to your community it will have a big impact on your business as Ted Rubin explains:

‘Brand loyalty declines due to lack of relevance… a direct result of not listening. Number one is always try to understand who your customer is and pay attention’ – Ted Rubin.

Without brand loyalty, how will your business survive?

Social listening will allow you to understand your customers deeply and by taking action you can create positive change for them, your wider community and your business.

Make a commitment

First, make a commitment to spend time social listening and engaging with your online community each and every day. If you want social media and business success listening, community engagement and relationship building are essential.

Pay attention

Start conversations and engage in them, however, don’t stop there. To get a real understanding of how your community feels and what they need, spend time listening to them. As you get to know your community better you’ll be able to deliver greater value that will be relevant and beneficial to them. Conversations are happening online 24/7 and it’s important that you start paying attention.

Identify common themes

Are people asking similar questions, experiencing similar problems or do they need certain things? Look for common themes and look for ways you can help your community with what they’re experiencing. How can you best serve them?

Acknowledge silence

Also, take the time to see what people aren’t asking or talking about. Are people quiet about a certain issue? Is this because they don’t understand? Do they need more information? Are they feeling overwhelmed about the topic? Or, are they simply not interested? Dig deep and learn as much as you can. If people aren’t talking about something then this may be an opportunity for you to educate your audience, raise awareness or develop a product, service or some sort of solution that can help them.

Visit your audience

Social listening is more than just listening on your social profiles. Be proactive go out and spend time listening and researching on other brand pages and profiles. Be where your audience is so you can learn and understand more about them and what they need from you.

Manage the process

Use social media tools like Hootsuite, Google Alerts, and Social Mention to help you manage the process and to track keywords, phrases, hashtags, mentions of products and your brand. Social listening and engagement tools are essential if you want to increase community engagement and accelerate your success on social media.

Take action!

Use the insights you learn and the data you gain to better service your community, to create more relevant content, to engage with them more meaningfully and to develop your products or services to better meet their needs. Implementation will bring you results.

I love this quote from Jim Rohn.

‘Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action’ – Jim Rohn.

You can commit to social listening every day however if you don’t take action you’re wasting your time. Pay attention to your community and dedicate time to social listening every day.

If you want results you must take action.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Debra Sinclair | Business | July 13, 2017 | Social Listening

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