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I’ve seen many people in the past week asking others on Facebook to like their business page so they can build their social media community and increase engagement. 

Here’s the thing, there is no overnight success on social media. If you want to build an engaged social media community for your business you must commit to the work. It takes more than someone liking your page to increase engagement and to build a thriving community. Getting a like is only the beginning, it’s the start of what could be a great relationship if you continue to invest in that person, build trust, engage in ongoing conversations, and create value.

Earn it

Community engagement isn’t easy and nor should it be because it’s all about building relationships with other people. Each one of us has different wants, needs, goals, and challenges. Every relationship is different. We all have certain priorities and spend our time in different ways so if you want someone’s attention you must earn it. And to earn their attention you must make time to continually invest in them.

Get serious

It’s time to get serious about building online communities and as business owners and entrepreneurs we must make community engagement and relationship building a priority, or run the risk of being forgotten which can be detrimental to social media and business success.

No shortcut

Asking someone to like your Facebook page is only the beginning. There’s no shortcut to community building and it can’t be treated like a transaction. It takes more than one like to build an engaged tribe of passionate people that love and support a business.

So instead of asking people randomly if they’ll like your Facebook page, think about the positive difference you can make by focusing on creating maximum value and delivering a great online experience. Doing this will give you the opportunity to attract the right people to your business page and you will build an engaged online community.

Do more

I’d love to hear your thoughts?


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Debra Sinclair | Business | September 13, 2017 | Community Building, Community engagement, Facebook, Social Media Management

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