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When I started Liquid Mango in 2011, I noticed there were many brands using social media to broadcast and talk about themselves. They were using social media as a self-promotional tool rather than a customer service tool to connect and communicate meaningfully with their audience.

Instantly I knew I had to do something.

I believe social media is about creating highly personalised and engaging experiences at the moments have the greatest impact.

I’m incredibly passionate about great communication and engagement and have been for over 20 years. I have a Masters Degree in Communication Management and have been featured in The Huffington Post Australia, Women Love Tech, INTHEBLACK, Women In Focus and 50 Unsung Business Heroes. I have worked in the media, event management, communications and in public relations developing communications strategies, sharing extraordinary stories and building brands.

So, you can imagine when I saw brands using social media to shout their messages from the rooftops with little to no regard for their audience I had to do something. I decided then that I wanted to show businesses how to authentically communicate with their community, build better relationships and increase community engagement on social media because by doing this, they’d build trust and be able to deliver better outcomes for their businesses.


Relationships are the difference between being invisible and making your mark.


At Liquid Mango, we’re truly passionate about showing businesses how to communicate authentically and increase community engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram so they can better understand their customers, key stakeholders and in turn, deliver better business outcomes.

Since starting Liquid Mango, I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients in the health and wellness, human resources, business coaching, public relations, marketing, hospitality, robotics, building, and property industries with dramatic results, including increased community engagement, brand awareness, customer service, customer loyalty, productivity and inbound traffic.

I absolutely love working with businesses that want to deepen relationships with their customers and their wider online community.


Engagement is about making your business human – I will show you how.