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Twitter is a conversation and a powerful way to reach out and connect with clients, suppliers, friends, colleagues, partners, influencers and your ideal clients.

Many businesses still use Twitter as a self-promotional tool, constantly shouting about themselves, their services and how great they are with little to no content that’s relevant to their audience. Twitter isn’t about you or I, it’s about our followers and how we can be of service to them. It’s about education, awareness, conversation and listening.

You can certainly use Twitter to market your business and to talk about your products and services however the majority of your content should be community driven and be of value to your audience. There is so much noise on Twitter, so the more relevant you are, the more successful you’ll be.

To help you boost engagement and build long-term relationships on Twitter, here are some simple tactics you can implement straight away that will create an impact.

Follow people

Be proactive and follow people that you know as well as people you don’t know. When someone follows you, look at their profile first to make sure it’s legitimate and it’s someone you’d like to connect with, then follow them back. Everyone who follows you has an online community, so broaden your network as much as you can. You never know where this may lead. Once you follow a person or a brand, start a conversation and personally connect with them.

Contribute to conversations

Don’t wait for someone to talk to you on Twitter. Instead go out there and start conversations with your current clients, ideal clients, and influencers. Be strategic with who you’re connecting to and make a point of starting new conversations every day. Build this into your daily Twitter activity. The important thing is to be strategic and consistent with your activity. If you do this, you’ll build your profile, increase brand awareness and most importantly, build relationships that will support you and your business.

Use Twitter Lists 

Twitter lists are powerful because they can help you organise your followers and interests so you don’t miss what’s important to you. This will help you stay up-to-date with key people in your community and allow you to consistently connect and engage with them.

Use a social media management dashboard

To manage your Twitter profile use a social media management dashboard like Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweet Deck, Social Oomph or Sprout Social. These will help you stay productive, focused and efficient whilst using Twitter.

Use an engagement tool

Tools like can help you further boost engagement on Twitter by allowing you to reach out and personally connect with key influencers and people within your community. By doing this you’ll build trust, credibility, and influence.

Retweet relevant content

Retweeting relevant content from others in your community is a great way to acknowledge the source and to engage your followers. The important thing to remember is that not everything will be relevant to your audience. Before you retweet anything, consider your followers and ask yourself these questions.

  • Will the post help or educate my followers?
  • Will it create an emotional connection?
  • Is the content relevant to my followers?
  • Is the content aligned with my values and business vision?
  • Is the content from a reputable source?

Often I see content on Twitter that’s fantastic but isn’t quite aligned with my values or business vision, so with this in mind, I don’t share it with my connections. It’s important to ask yourself these five questions before you share anything on Twitter or any of your social networks. If you answer yes to each of these questions then retweet the connect to your followers. If you answer no to any of these questions don’t share it.

Use hashtags

Using hashtags will help you connect with people who have common interests and values. And they’re a fabulous way to help you build your community. When you’re using hashtags think about the content and the hashtags your audience would use to find it. Don’t go overboard with hashtags. Make sure they’re relevant and use up to three within your tweets.

These are simple ways that will help you connect and build relationships with your community. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by Twitter stop and take a minute or two to think about your audience, your values, and your business vision.

Always put your people first and then think about the technology.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Debra Sinclair | Business | November 9, 2016 | Twitter

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